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    -Name: Keven Conagher
    -6'1, Brown eye (missing one)
    -Has a good sense of humor, usually tries to make a joke about most things...and fails to
    -Prefers to charge in headfirst instead of analyzing the situation
    -HUGE gamer
    -Doesn't give a damn about the consequences of his actions
    -For some reason even he doesn't know, his missing eye was replaced by a portal to hell, if he ever removes his goggles, demons will pour out of his face and try to eat everyone. He rarely removes them on purpose because of this
    -Can be a complete dick without even realizing it sometimes
    -His main abilities consist of outstanding speed and agility mixed with a decent amount of strength
    -Somewhat experienced with hand to hand combat but still prefers using weapons
    -His most commonly used weapon is a completely custom-made rifle. Whenever his teammates ask, he just tells them "My brother made it".
    -He makes a living off of secretly working as a mercenary for hire, he's responsible for a decent amount of crimes that That neither the cops, nor any other heroes have been able to solve yet
    -His parents were killed by VAMPIRE HIPPIES causing a deep hatred for both...but mostly hippies, as hating vampires can actually be considered racist in this day and age ever since the Vampire Rights legislation was established

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    Post  capricious on Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:13 pm

    GideonFry wrote:
    capricious wrote:
    > Civilian name : Jack Blacksmith
    > Alias: The Capricious Avenger
    > 5'6, latino, brown eyes,
    > Always Chill, doesn't give a fuck about hardships
    > Has A thing for Chubby Women
    > Laughs at inappropiate times
    > Okay with most things
    > Superpowers: Super strength, Agility, Max resilence and Master craftsmanship
    > he also is an amazing cook, even if it's methods are a little bit... unorthodox
    He needs to go into rage mode and slaughter everyone when he gets to breaking point.
    this is how i cook
    come at me teams
    pick me

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